For decades, Indonesia has been ranked as the number one shark fishing nation in the world. Most people don’t understand why sharks are extremely important for us. But did you know that life in the ocean and on land wouldn’t be as we know it without sharks? 

Sharks help to keep the ocean clean and healthy, without them fish species will die out and our beautiful coral reefs will disappear. We need an healthy ocean; the ocean provides a third of our world with food, and produce more oxygen than all the rain forests combined. That’s why care and try to give back every day. 

In the end, we will conserve only what we love. We will love only what we understand. We will understand only what we have been taught. Join our Research Team for a day and learn more about conservation and the magical underwater world.

Program Schedule

8.30 AM: Shark & Turtle Talk 

We start the day in the morning in the classroom of Oceans 5 Dive Resort. A member of the research team will tell you all about the history of sharks & turtles, why they are so important and what you can do to protect them.

10.45 AM: Preparing for the Dive

Together we set up our dive equipment, prepare the camera’s that we will be using during the dive to collect the data and of course we will give you a briefing about the dive. 

11.30 AM: Let’s go Diving

One of the many things that the Gili Islands are famous for, is that they are surrounded by a magical underwater world. Our Research Team has its own boat and will take you to one of the 20 dive sites around the Gili Islands. During the dive we focus on collecting data and identifying sharks & turtles. 


1.30 PM: Lunch Break

Free time, Enjoy your lunch!

2.20 PM – 4 PM: Be a Scientist for a Day

Back in the classroom we discuss the dive together, you will receive your certification and of course you have the opportunity to ask any and all questions. After the debriefing we upload the pictures in a special data identification program. If the turtle hasn’t been identified before, you get the chance to name it. With the data we collect about sharks we can prove that the reefs surrounding the Gili Islands are a shark nursery area and should be protected

* Depending on the amount of participants the schedule of the program might change. 

Requirements & Certification

  • Certified Open Water Diver
  • Minimum 18 years old
  • Passion for the Ocean
  • Minimum 2 people – maximum 8 people

At the end of the Program you will receive your PADI Shark Conservation Diver Certification. This certification can be used as one of your Adventure Dives for the PADI Advanced Open Water Course.

Price : 1.250.000 IDR

Includes presentation by a scientist, material, 1 dive including equipment and guide.

Would you like to sign up for our 1 Day Conservation Program? Send us a message at sharks@gilisharkconservation.com. “Sea you soon!”