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At our marine conservation project, we take immense pride in the diversity of our team, which brings together individuals from both Western and Indonesian backgrounds.  What unites us is our shared passion for the ocean and our unwavering commitment to creating positive change.  Our team members boast extensive dive experience, conservation expertise, and research skills.  Together, we are driven by a common goal: to make a meaningful impact in safeguarding our precious oceans for future generations.


Aris completed his marine biology degree in 2022 at the Sam Ratulangi University.  Aris is an extremely passionate and driven marine biologist and just loves absolutely everything about the ocean and wants to do everything possible to help save it.

Job TitleMarine biologists and dive instructor
BornManado North Sulawesi, Indonesia on the 26th of October 1995
SuperpowerSelf-taught artist (singer and guitar player)
Fun FactAris does recurve archery
Favorite research methodCoral Health Index
Best loved sea creatureOrca whales and nemo
Bucket list diveCage diving with great white sharks
Achievement(s)Aris obtained a marine biology degree, is certified coral reef assessor, and has snorkeled 10 km in 2 hours
Proudest Team MomentWhen we play team bonding games together
Hidden Talent or unusual hobbyAris likes to walk in the dark alone
Favorite work playlistMusic travel love
Personal goalTo get his masters degree in marine biology and to build his own ex situ coral nursery


Katon is our longest serving staff member and extremely knowledgeable about all of our research methods.  Katon loves the underwater world and just wants to help efforts to see more life underwater which is why he is so passionate about conservation.  We get a lot from the ocean and he wants to help give back to the ocean.

Job TitleInstructor and Scientific Dive Guide
BornLombok, Indonesia on the 13 August 1995
Fun FactKaton has a baby son named after himself, Katon Jr.
Favorite research methodRoving diver survey
Best loved sea creatureClown Fish
Bucket list diveDiving with hammerhead sharks
Achievement(s)Katon started working in the dive industry as an assistant helper on the boat and worked himself up to PADI Instructor
Proudest Team MomentDoing an exploration dive
Hidden Talent or unusual hobbyKaton makes the best peanut butter toast with fried egg
Favorite work playlistKaton his favorite song is Australian Street by Sticky Fingers
Personal goalKaton has noticed a decline in the coral population and his goal is to aid efforts to see the percent of coral surrounding Gili Air increase.


Gilang completed his marine biology degree in 2016 and previously worked in Nusa Penida as a divemaster. He has a lot of diving experience and is very passionate about conservation. He also previously worked on an artificial coral reef project in Thousand Island, Jakarta where he monitored the artificial reef with biorock method.

Job TitleMarine biologists and divemaster
BornBandung, Indonesia on the 3rd of July 1993
SuperpowerGilang has the great ability to bridge the gap between the human and marine world
Fun Fact
Favorite research methodRoving Diver Survey
Best loved sea creatureManta Ray and Mola Mola
Bucket list diveCave diving and rebreather diving
Achievement(s)Degree in marine biology
Proudest Team MomentMeeting new people and making sure they feel part of the Gili Shark family
Hidden Talent or unusual hobbySinging and playing the drums
Favorite work playlistColdplay
Personal goalImpact lives and make a difference through ocean conservation


Cakra received his bachelors marine science degree in 2018 and masters degree in 2022.  During his studies Cakra collected socio-economic and biophysical data with a specific research focus on nudibranchs.  Cakra is very passionate about marine science and is committed to fighting against human exploitation of our natural resources.

Job TitleMarine Biologist and Community Officer
BornSerang West Java, Indonesia on the 16th of May 1994
SuperpowerSuper fast learner
Fun FactCakra used to have mohawk
Favorite research methodPhotogrammetry
Best loved sea creatureNudibranch
Bucket list diveDiving with crocodiles
Achievement(s)Cakra received his bachelors and masters in marine science, received second place from Hack the Planet
Proudest Team MomentGetting MoU signed with the university and government so they can continue their research and education within in the Gili Matra Reserve
Hidden Talent or unusual hobbyWaking up in the morning at 2 am and goes to bed at 9 pm
Favorite work playlistM83
Personal goalCakra wants to see all stakeholders and all people coming together to work on conservation, no competition just everyone working together.


Since graduating in 2016, Maisy has worked all over the world on various tropical conservation projects as both a researcher and educator. During this time, she became a PADI Divemaster, conducted hours of reef surveys, outplanted hundreds of corals, educated thousands of people and became a qualified teacher. Maisy is hugely passionate about conserving the environment and reducing the anthropogenic threats it faces. She believes the only way we can do this is by educating one another and working together towards a brighter future!

Job TitleOperational Manager and Lead Scientist
BornIn the UK on the 17th of January 1994
SuperpowerBeing able to organize and problem solve very quickly
Fun FactMaisy has assisted/worked on research conservation and education projects in eight countries
Favorite research methodPhoto ID
Best loved sea creatureTurtles
Bucket list diveDiving with a leatherback turtle
Achievement(s)Maisy received her Masters Degree in Marine Biology in 2016 and Teaching Degree in 2021. Being recognized by PADI and Women in Ocean Science as making an impact in Marine Conservation. Developing and presenting live underwater broadcasts that have been watched by thousands of students worldwide.
Proudest Team MomentRedeveloping, improving, and expanding the project with a (nearly!) brand new staff team after being shut down due to covid. Our project is now bigger and better than ever!
Hidden Talent or unusual hobbyHaving probably the loudest voice on the island
Favorite work playlistAnything you can dance and sing along to!
Personal goalContinue to expand our research, conservation and education efforts on Gili Air!


Rose Huizenga has been living in paradise for almost 10 years and knows the island inside out. Before she moved to Indonesia she lived in the Netherlands where she ran her own marketing company and worked for multiple volunteer organizations.

Rose is one of the founders of Gili Shark Conservation and the creator of Coral Catch. She is a passionate conservationist, writer, scuba dive instructor, boutique hotel owner, and proud mother of two young girls

Job TitleCo Founder & Director
BornIn the Netherlands on the 14th of May 1984
SuperpowerDreaming big and believing that everything is possible
Fun FactRose arrived with her backpack on Gili Air in 2012 and was planning to stay for only two days. She fell completely in love with the island and never left
Favorite research methodPhoto ID
Best loved sea creatureMola Mola
Bucket list diveDiving with a school of hammerheads
Achievement(s)Rose got named SeaHero for by Scuba diving magazine for making marine conservation careers accessible to all women in Indonesia. Furthermore, she won several awards with Gili Shark Conservation and her Coral Catch program. But if you would ask her what you are most proud of she wouldn’t mention any awards, instead she would tell you about her time with the Coral Catch Superwomen and how they inspire her on a daily basis to fulfill her mission: empowering a hundred girls in the next five years to have a career in marine conservation.
Proudest Team MomentTo many! We achieved so much since the start that I wouldn’t even know where to start.
Hidden Talent or unusual hobbyBeing able to make someone smile, even in their darkest moments
Favorite work playlistTake of your heels and dance with me tonight
Personal goalTaking her two daughters scuba diving in Raja Ampat and showing them the magic of the underwater world.