Gili Shark Conservation Awards

All About Our Yearly Catch up and Inaugural Gili Shark Conservation Awards Night

Gili Shark Conservation Awards

5th of October 2019

Last weekend we hosted our yearly catch up and inaugural Gili Shark Conservation Awards! The wonderful Sharkie, Sophie, introduced us to the evening, as our bold and courageous MC. And our Lead Scientist, Andre, hosted the event and showcased our work to our lovely community here on the paradise island of Gili Air. Andre told everyone about what we’ve been up to in the past year and all about our plans for the future. 

Our project goal is twofold!  First, to build a case strong enough to prove that Gili Matra Marine Recreational Reserve is a shark nursery area. And also to promote conservation efforts through research and education.

We’re working across 11 projects to achieve this, randing from scientific data collection, to coral restoration, our plastic free paradise campaign and working with the government!

At the event, we were so happy to hold the inaugural Gili Shark Conservation awards, The idea behind them is to recognize and honor individuals and organizations that take the extra step to keep Gili Air green & clean! It’s such a beautiful home and we hope it stays that way for years to come. So we want to acknowledge and celebrate those extraordinary people and businesses who make a big contribution to conservation! The award winners were:

* Sander Buis – Owner Oceans5
* Julie Thonnard – Co-founder Soraya Foundation
* Audita Harsono – Entrepreneur

Terima Kasih!

Thank you all for everything you do for conservation on Gili Air! And thank you to all who placed nominations – we’re grateful to every one of you who contributes to this lovely place we call home.

One last thing! Throughout the event we had quiz questions and we were super proud of all the audience who knew so many answers to our scientific marine life questions! Do you reckon you could have got them right?! Try this one: “what is the main feature to identify Acropora?” Message us with your answer!