This is why Everyone should do the PADI Rescue Course

The best way to become a confident diver? Doing your PADI Rescue Course in Gili Air!

Ever wondered why your dive masters (DMs) and instructors are so comfortable and confident underwater? Or even better, ever wondered how they will manage the situation if you, your buddy, or any other students in your class were to panic or blackout underwater?

The answer is simple: Rescue Diver Course—the magical course that morphs divers into strong and confident divers. Instructors and DMs vouch for its intensity, creativity, and how this will most probably be your most memorable scuba diving course, and it’s absolutely true!


What’s in a Rescue Diver Course?

Basically, the course requires you to first be an Emergency First Responder. It is not a prerequisite per se as most students take that up together with their rescue course, so fret not. Once you passed that, you will begin with the rescue theory classes before you enjoy a luxurious and fun day in the pool learning the essential skills to handle panicked, distressed, and unconscious divers.

Sounds pretty fun and easy aye? Trust me, you will be tired, but you will come to realize that that is definitely nothing compared to what’s waiting for you out there during the open water rescue section.

Advice: Get proper food and rest. Partying not advised.

The ocean is your (and your instructor’s) playground

Just for the record, this course is 10 times the seriousness of OW and AOW, but 20 times the fun. Your instructor’s limitless creativity and originality will keep you on your fins to put your skills and abilities to the test and ensure that you are ready to rescue!

Missing fins. The wanderlust diver who does not stick to his buddy. The one who snatches (or at least tries to) your primary second stage from your mouth. Dropping of weights. Narcosis diver performing stunts to a rock. All that can happen.

Think we are done here? Nope! THE BEST HAS YET TO COME! Get ready to find your way around a panicked diver (who will most definitely push you down into the blue) as well as unconscious and missing divers underwater. You descend, fin, kick, push, perform rescue breaths, drag divers, hull him/her up onto the boat (some help here, Mr. Boatman?), perform CPR, initiate emergency treatment and plan, and more.


Is that it? DEFINITELY NOT. You will most probably see people “falling off” the boat. And guess what! We have a rescue diver here! Please rescue him! Intense stuff. Crazy memories. I shall skip the details of the scenarios to keep things fresh and exciting for you.

So, is the PADI Rescue Course for you?

Both hands up! It definitely is a course that I strongly recommend to all divers. You do not have to be an aspiring DM or instructor to take it. I do not see myself taking up DMT or IDC any time soon either. The crux here is the underwater and rescue skills that will stick with you throughout the rest of your diving career. If you are not the most confident diver, take up the rescue course. The training will boost not just your skills, but your underwater confidence too.

Looking back, I kind of understand why all the DMs and instructors smile and chuckle when I mentioned rescue course. I am sure they have amazing memories from their rescue course as well. So if you are still considering whether to take up the course, just know that we are all for it!

Key takeaways of Rescue course:

  • Lifelong skills and knowledge
  • Reinforcement of underwater and surface skills
  • Extension of stamina and endurance
  • New level of self-confidence
  • Rewarding experience
  • Great friendships
  • Fond memories (especially of your victims and instructor)
  • Tons of laughter