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4 BIG Ways Indonesia is Combating Its Plastic Waste Emergency!

Did you know that sadly, Indonesia is the world’s second largest contributor of plastic pollution? Rapid economic growth and a lack of solid waste disposal infrastructures means that a lot of single-use plastics end up in the oceans, harming marine life and food systems. However, not to fear—Indonesia isn’t simply ...
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Blog post: how you can protect our coral reefs

How You Can Protect Our Coral Reefs

Coral reefs are the most biodiverse ecosystems on earth. They provide a home for a vast number of species and also protect our coastlines from storms and erosion. However, coral reefs are under threat, with coral bleaching affecting 90% of the coral reefs surveyed in the Great Barrier Reef this ...
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Frequently asked questions about corals and coral reef restoration

All You Ever Wanted To Know About Corals

Here at the Gili Shark Conservation project, we work hard, year-round not just to protect sharks, but to protect all marine life including the coral reefs. In order to protect sharks, we must also do what we can to conserve their environment which is why in 2019 we decided to ...
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How Coronavirus Lockdown Helped Nature to Heal (Even if Temporarily) from Human Damages

Good News For Mother Nature In 2020

Written by: Renee Street – Our Amazing Friend, PADI Course Director, and Big Time Ocean Lover Although much of 2020 has been full of bad news for humanity, it hasn’t been all bad for our planet, and its non-human inhabitants. There have been multiple stories of recovery, relief, and abundance ...
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New Study Finds Plastic in Majority of North Atlantic Ocean Sharks

New Study Finds Plastic in Majority of North Atlantic Ocean Sharks

Written by: Renee Street - Our Amazing Friend,  PADI Course Director, and Big Time Ocean Lover   It is not breaking news that our oceans are filled with plastic. Nor is it breaking news that many marine species are affected. But, a new study, focused solely on sharks and the ...
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You can get involved in marine conservation in many different ways. Read here how you can protect the ocean.

4 Ways To Get People To Care About The Ocean

Written by: Lydia Laurenson This probably sounds obvious, but it’s worth saying again: The oceans are a gorgeous, rich, and diverse ecosystem that have inspired and supported humanity for millennia. But the oceans are also choked with plastic and becoming more acidic by the day. People are overfishing, which threatens the survival of fish ...
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Hope Spots are special places that are scientifically identified as critical to the health of the ocean. Our Hope Spots are championed by local conservationists whom we support with communications, expeditions and scientific advisory.

Indonesia’s Neighbour Has A New Hope Spot

Written by: Renee Street - Our Amazing Friend, PADI Course Director, and Big Time Ocean Lover On World Oceans Day (8 June 2020), Sylvia Earle’s Mission Blue officially designated the northern waters of Timor Leste as the Ombai-Wetar Strait Hope Spot. Becoming the newest global Hope Spot is a huge ...
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Are whitetip reef sharks dangerous? You find the answer here.

FAQ White Tip Reef Sharks

The Gili Islands are special for countless reasons however one of the most special ones is that they play host to a Whitetip reef shark nursery. This means that consistently for decade’s whitetip reef sharks have used the coral reefs surrounding the Gili islands to have their pups. The pups ...
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The Most Frequently Asked Questions ABout Turtle Nests

FAQ Turtle Nests

On the Gili Islands, we are lucky enough to have a wonderful population of both green sea turtles and hawksbill sea turtles. Both species and endangered, in fact hawksbill sea turtles and critically endangered and we want to make sure that these beautiful creatures are protected through their whole life ...
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Best place to do your divemaster in Indonesia

My Story Of Becoming A Divemaster While I Joined The Research Team

Let Me Start By Telling You Why I Chose To Join The Gili Shark Conservation Project My name is Luana, I am 33 years old and from Switzerland. I found the project through the internet while I was searching for a place where I could complete my Divemaster training and ...
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The Story Of How I Became A Professional Marine Scientist

Shark Warrior In The Spotlight: Fernando Melendez

Over the past five years we have hosted hundreds of participants from all over the globe and we are so proud to say that many have gone on to pursue a career in conservation and marine science. Last week we caught up with Fernando Melendez who participated with us back ...
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How To Use Your Business To Inspire Others

Shark Warrior In The Spotlight: Tess Reid

From doodling during lectures to creating inspirational designs and sustainable merchandise, we caught up with Tess Reid this month to learn about what she has been up to after her time with the Gili Shark Conservation project. With her passion for art and design combined with her enthusiasm for conservation ...
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What it's really like to live on a tropical island in Indonesia

What It’s Really Like To Live On A Tropical Island

Have you ever dreamt of living in Earths equivalent of ‘Paradise’? How it must be to wake up every morning in a place surrounded by crystal clear ocean with only a sandy beach as a boarder. Imagine a place where traffic doesn’t exist and where flip flops are considered as ...
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A blog about why not all sharks are scary

Scream Your Heart Out: Sharks Aren’t All Like in JAWS

Lots of people in this beautiful world think that sharks are scary! Blood-thirsty, raw blooded killers, on a mission to human-hunt! They’re big, fast and scary and have thousands upon thousands of teeth! They lurk in the dark, murky waters, waiting to attack! You are wrong. Scream your heart out, ...
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Cover blog - coral reefs will save the day

Coral Reefs Will Save the Day: Here’s Why They’re Important

All divers will tell you how beautiful coral reefs are. They’re like the cities under the ocean, home to hundreds of fish and wonderful creatures! Their value lies far beyond their beauty and the pleasure it brings to those who explore it. Coral reefs are fundamental for many reasons. From ...
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How I got the funding to join a conservation program abroad and make the most out of my gapyear

How I Funded my Application

So… we all need to face the hard truth that as fun as these projects are, they are not exactly cheap. The expenses of volunteering are the same as if you were coming on a holiday: you need to pay for your transport, food, accommodation and any extra courses you ...
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