Our trip to the Tanjung Luar Fish Market in Lombok, Indonesia

Recently the Gili Shark Conservation team went on a trip in Tanjung Luar fish market in East Lombok. An experience we each dreaded but one we knew had to happen so we could have a clearer idea of the war we are fighting in protecting sharks and what we are up against. We set off on our trip full of anxiety for what we might see at the market, each of us passing the same […]


What Happens With all the Data we Collect?

We often get the question: what do we do with all the data we collect. Well I am here to tell you! We go on 8 dives a week …. and you would be amazed how many things we do on those dives; no day is the same. So, to start off with we aim to drop our BRUV (baited remote underwater videocamera) 4 times a week, though some weeks we drop 6 or 7. This […]

From the Classroom in Canada to a Small Island In Indonesia

I have to admit starting this, this type of writing isn’t exactly my forte, (I never even kept a childhood diary). I find myself way more comfortable in the world of scientific papers; theory, statistics, methods, and results. I have found myself on the little slice of paradise known as gili air, staying at a personal slice of paradise called villa Nangka the summer before completing my final year of my marine biology degree back […]

This is why Everyone should do the PADI Rescue Course

The best way to become a confident diver? Doing your PADI Rescue Course in Gili Air! Ever wondered why your dive masters (DMs) and instructors are so comfortable and confident underwater? Or even better, ever wondered how they will manage the situation if you, your buddy, or any other students in your class were to panic or blackout underwater? The answer is simple: Rescue Diver Course—the magical course that morphs divers into strong and confident […]

7 Reasons why Joining the Gili Shark Conservation Project is a Great Idea

Joining the Gili Shark Conservation Project was one of the best things I’ve ever done – no joke. I advanced my diving, made lifelong friends and was exposed to the world of marine conservation in a very engaging, informative and fun environment. I now have a greater grasp on what needs to be done to support the health of our oceans and its inhabitants. This was the first step in what I now see will […]