Coral Restoration Internship

We know it can be a struggle to find the right door leading to a job within marine conservation. Especially if you don’t have years of experience. But we have some good news for you; we now have eight (intern) positions available in our coral restoration team!

Female Emporment Conservation Project In Indonesia

How It All Started

In 2019 we started a coral restoration project called ‘Coral Catch’. The main goal of Coral Catch is to recover an area on the North of Gili Air which has historically been impacted by dynamite fishing, coral bleaching, coastal development, poor waste management, anchoring, heavy boat traffic and earthquake activity.

FAQ about corals and coral restoration

If You Educate A Woman, You Educate A Generation

We want to inspire Indonesian women to have a career in marine conservation. Because we believe that to truly learn to live in harmony with our environment, women need to be as much a part of shaping our collective destiny as men. For us, female empowerment is not about excluding men, but about creating more opportunities for women.

The first complete local female coral restoration team in the world

The First Complete Female Coral Restoration Team In The World

`Would you like to be part of the first complete female coral restoration team in the world? We would love to give you the knowledge, tools and experience to set up and monitor a coral restoration project. We hope that our internship will create more opportunities for you to have a career in marine conservation and maybe one day you can even start your own coral conservation project.

Our ultimate goal is to create a community of women that are united in advocating for healthy oceans and are working together to restore the reefs in Indonesia.

The First Complete Female Coral Restoration Team In The World


We welcome women from all walks of life. To join our team it’s important that …

  • You are ready to be inspired, challenged and mentored
  • You are physically fit and able to work on the water and in the sun
  • You are above 18 years old and an Indonesian citizen
  • You are an Open Water Diver with minimum 15 dives
  • You are able to join our research team on Gili Air for 9 weeks (starting mid January 2022)
  • You have a passion for (coral) conservation and want to create healthy reefs for the generations to come.

What is included in your internship?

  • Training and materials
  • Accommodation
  • Dive equipment, dive computer and tanks
  • Food allowance

When you successfully finish your internship, you will receive a certificate and a recommendation letter for future employment.

What is not included in your internship?

  • Travel costs
  • Insurance

Apply Here

Before you start filling in the application form below, we’d like to say a huge thank you! Thank you for your passion for the ocean. Thank you for caring. Thank you for wanting to make a difference. The world needs people like you!

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