FAQ Baby Shark Token

Does Gili Shark Conservation have an official partnership with Baby Shark Token?

Yes! Since the 22nd of May 2021 we are proud partner of Baby Shark Token. We both believe that opportunities increase when we help others to succeed. And a little success for a partner is a little success for us!

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Did Gili Shark Conservation receive any donations from Baby Shark Token?

Yes, on the 3rd of June 2021 we received a 10K donation in cryptocurrency (24.4 BNB) and on the 14th of Jun 2021 we received another 10K donation in cryptocurrency (10.000 BUSD).

How does these donations help Gili Shark Conservation to achieve their goal?

It’s our goal to set up the first complete local female coral restoration team in the world. We want to give the tools and experience to local women to inspire fundamental change for women in ocean science and empower them to protect and restore the reefs of Indonesia.

With the donations of Baby Shark Token and our other partners, we will hire a female Indonesian scientist to manage phase 2 of our project Coral Catch and offer eight Indonesian woman an internship of three months in which we provide the knowledge, tools and experience to empower them to protect and restore the reefs in the Gili MATRA Marine Reserve

Where can I see how much Baby Shark Token raised for charity?

Baby Shark Token strives to provide transparency to all holders and investors.  All transactions, burned tokens, liquidity tokens, and holder wallets are viewable on bscscan.

Baby Shark Token has 2 charity wallets where all of our charity funds are stored.  Below are the addresses for both of our charity wallets, as well as links to view the balances, transactions, and holdings for each.

Charity Wallet 1: 0xcc9b175e4b88a22543c44f1cc65b73f63b0d4efe

Charity Wallet 2: 0xf1ca98e15e7d5675037fabe3eeb6ffb512faa437

The reason Baby Shark Token uses two charity wallets is because one of these is the contract address (Wallet 1) and the other is the charity wallet Wallet 2).  BNB collects at the contract address until it is transferred into the charity wallet, and both wallets are completely dedicated to our charity balance.

Baby Shark aims to be the first charity token with zero selling pressure from donations.  Our charity wallet balances are in BNB not Baby Shark Tokens, so donations and transactions will have no effect on the price of Baby Shark!