How We Prepared Ourselves

In times of rapid change, our commitment remains. We’re doing everything we can to deliver a safe experience to you. On this page, we would like to share with you what we do to protect ourselves and our community, inform you about our new Flexible Cancellation & Refund Policy and tell you how you can prepare yourself for your next adventure.

An Investment In Knowledge Always Pays The Best Interest

With a very clear briefing on exactly how pathogens are spread and how they aren’t spread, our team is empowered to protect themselves, their communities, and all our Shark Warriors.

It is very empowering to learn how to manage the very manageable risk factors that are present in this situation. By bringing awareness to the mechanics of how this spreads we can take charge on this frontier of defense.

We have been training our team that the virus does not spread by magic and that there are very clear mechanisms and pathways for its spread which we can avoid. We agreed together that from now one we have three important jobs: 1. to protect ourselves, 2. to protect our shark warriors and 3. to protect our community. Please find below a breakdown of the new procedures we are following.

1. To Protect Ourselves

  • We wash our hands regularly with plenty of soap and water.
  • We don’t touch our eyes, mouth or nose with unclean hands.
  • We follow no-touch greeting for no germs contracted. We do ‘high feets’ instead of ‘high fives’ and welcome new shark warriors to our team with a ‘namaste’.
  • We look after ourselves by eating healthy, making sure we get enough sleep and blowing a lot of bubbles ; – )
  • We try to avoid big crowds.

2. To Protect Our Shark Warriors

  • We don’t sneeze or cough into our hands. Instead we use a tissue and throw it away immediately, or we sneeze in the inner side of our elbow.
  • We don’t travel or visit crowded places when we are sick.
  • We wear a mask if we’re sick and also if we are taking care of someone with the symptoms.
  • We are making sure that all regulators get cleaned with desinfectant. We also have buckets with desinfectan nex to the equipment cleaning station in case our Shark Warriors want to rinse the mouthpieces themselves. 

3. To Protect Our Community

  • If we feel unwell, we seek medical attention.
  • If we have a fever, cough, or difficulty breathing, we stay indoors, we call healthcare professionals and follow their advice.
  • We do not share “just any forwarded message”. We only share authentic information coming through medical experts.

Our Flexible Cancellation & Refund Policy

Of course, we understand that things are a bit crazy at the moment and it’s hard to make decisions or know how the current situation will affect your future travel plans. We follow the World Health Organisation (WHO) advice; we have found these to be reliable sources from which to get our information – especially in moments where media coverage can be confusing.

The health and safety of our staff and Shark Warriors are very important for us. If you are selected to join our research team but are not able to come on your confirmed dates because of the Corona Virus, you are more than welcome to change your dates and join our team another time. 

We are also happy to welcome new applications and look forward to having a group of enthusiastic, passionate ocean lovers joining our operations again soon. As we can only host up to 12 participants at one time, spaces are subject to availability and therefore we highly recommend selecting program dates in late 2021 or for next year.

Normally we have a quite strict no-refund policy but given the situation and as an exception, we offer everyone a full credit (which you can use anytime in the future). We would also be happy to provide your insurance company with any relevant details they need if you are looking into getting a refund from them. Please let us know what information you need from them.

Study At Home

We understand that at this time, many people are unable to leave their homes and can only imagine how boring and frustrating this must feel. We wish to send you all our love and support at this difficult time and truly hope that each and every one of you can remain happy and healthy.

To all our future Shark Warriors: self-isolation is the perfect time to prepare yourself for your next adventure. We send all of you our pre-arrival study material including basic diver theory, fish identification methods, the PADI Scientific diver study guide, AWARE Shark Conservation diver theory, and much more.

These study materials are designed to allow you to learn from home and better prepare you for the role of a research assistant. Keep your spirits high and focus on expanding your knowledge while looking forward to joining our research team in the future!