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As a general rule in the media world, bad news sells. But we are not here to sell, neither are we here to get more likes or the most shares. We are here because we want to publicize and celebrate conservation victories, no matter how small, a little faith can be restored in the public’s view of where the natural world is heading.

Image by: Amanda Nicholls

We need positive conservation news amidst the tragedy in order to keep ourselves motivated, inspired and determined. Of course, there are always exceptions, and sometimes the negative conservation events cause people to want to help, and these stories must still be publicized. But there is a very fine line between conservation news so distressing that people want to do all that they can to help, and such an influx of negative conservation news that people feel that the scale is simply too large and therefore they cannot help.

It is indeed very difficult to find that balance between reporting and spreading awareness, and disheartening people from acting out against wildlife criminals. But to make a difference, we must make a change. And the time for that change is now.

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Latest Victories, News & Events

Gili Shark Conservation Project wins the International Seakeepers Society Asian Achievement Award

We Won the Seakeepers Award 2019

16th of April 2019Last weekend we went to Singapore to attend the ceremony for the International Seakeepers Society Asian Achievement Award, and the unbelievable thing happened - WE WON!! The International Seakeepers Society had invited us to participate in their yearly Award Dinner in Singapore. We were very honored by being nominated for the award, and so our Lead Scientist and Program Manager went to attend the ceremony. The International SeaKeepers Society is a non-profit organization focusing on the health ...
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The Gili Shark Conservation Project went to Bali to study coral restoration

We went to Bali to learn about coral restoration

3rd of March 2019 This weekend we went for a research trip to Nusa Lembongan with the very special purpose of learning about coral restoration. Firstly, why is coral restoration important? Corals have existed for about 450 million years, which is 250 million years longer than the dinosaurs. Still, corals are fragile organisms. There are numerous threats to the existence of corals. One of them is coral bleaching, which is a worldwide phenomenon, that happens when the coral gets stressed due ...
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The Gili Shark Conservation Project found a Nautilus in the harbor of Gili Air and published a paper about it.

We found a Nautilus in the harbor of Gili Air

25th of February 2019While coming back from our Dive Against Debris, we found a dying Nautilus in the harbor. We almost couldn't believe our own eyes. A NAUTILUS?! The nautilus is a mollusc that lives in the deep, down to 700 meters. So what was it doing at the surface? We quickly retrieved it and we could see that it had lost the front part of its body. It looked like it had been hit by a propeller. When we ...
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