Three small islands make up the Gilis off the north-western corner of Lombok, one island away from Bali. It is a tourist destination with a fusion of local Indonesian culture and western comforts. The island has a local population of 1,500 people and the local community is vibrant and welcoming!

It is a culturally rich community with music, dancing and great food from around the world. The Gili Islands are situated in a marine protected area, which we try to support and help locals to have an eye on their surrounding.



There is never a dull night on Gili Air. You can enjoy a fresh organic meal while watching the sunset over Bali’s famous volcano or go watch the local reggae band play under the stars. There are plenty of daytime activities in the area that you can enjoy on your weekends including waterfall hikes, surfing and kite surfing, an assortment of water sports, or just hang out at the beach. Bali is only 40km (25 miles) away and can easily be visited on your weekends. The Gili Islands and Bali are really different to each other and Gili Air is its own little paradise!



Gili Air is a small and safe island with no cars or motorbikes (just some electric scooters). Everyone rides on bicycles or on the locally run horse carts. This means the air is clean and the island is quiet! It only takes 1 hour to walk around the entire island and only 10 minutes to bike to the opposite side.

Our head office  is located in a quite area of the island but only a 5-minute bike ride to the dive shop and 3-minutes from the main village where you will find the local market and all your amenities. You can buy everything on the island from shampoo to fresh fruits. If you are looking for something more specific you will be able to find it in the new western shopping mall located on Lombok, an hour away in the main city called Mataram.

If it’s all about diving in Indonesia for you, there are many more famous dive sites close to the Gilis. Diving in Indonesia never gets boring and will show you many interesting and fascinating dive sides!


Gili Air is a great place for food lovers. You can literally eat for days in Indonesia and always while always trying something new. From sweet to very spicy, but always fragrant, full of flavour and always a teaspoon of love. A wealth of choice in fish, meat, vegetables –and not to forget the vegetarian tofu and tempeh. You can get almost any local dish for under $2,50 dollar, so make sure you try as much as you can while you’re here!



We traveled all around the world but there is no place out there  like Gili Air for us. They say that people make the place and this is definitely true when it comes to the Gili Islands in Indonesia They attract people from different walks of life and from every corner of the globe.

Here you will find a unique mix of expats, locals and tourist living together in harmony and you will meet some of the biggest smiles you have ever seen. All these people together create a magical vibe, which makes you forget everything around you.

You wouldn’t be the first person that has the intention to stay for two weeks and ends up staying for months or even for good. Enjoy your stay, feel the salt in your veins, the sand in your heart, smell the sea, feel the sky, let your soul and spirit fly!

Join us in paradise and explore this amazing piece of land, everyone falls in love with!