Our Mission

How we protect and restore the reefs around the Gili Islands

Our Mission

To support NGO Gili Matra Bersama in protecting and restoring the coral reef environment within the Gili Matra Marine Recreational Reserve and to help them to create the first recognized shark nursery ground in Indonesia by 2025.

our passion

To give people who are curious about marine conservation a unique experience! This is what we love to do! We believe that a strong community of different individuals can make a bigger impact on marine protection than a single organization. Therefore, our team works side by side with the local research team, NGO Gili Matra Bersama.

united in ocean conservation

NGO Gili Matra Bersama is an organization that educates, trains, and empowers local talent to become guardians of the natural environment and leaders of the Gili islands’ growing tourism industry. Furthermore, they provide scholarships to Indonesian women who want to pursue a career in marine conservation but don’t have the financial or emotional support to make it happen. Every day, we join the team to collect abundance data around the Gili islands and assess the health of our environment.

Our 5 Years Goals

Our Research Methods

To archive our long term strategy goals, we use the following research methods: 

Seagrass Restoration
Roving Survey Dives
Photo ID
Coral Health Index Surveys
Coral Watch Survey
Manta Tow Surveys
Citizen Science Data Collection
Reef Check
Coral Restoration
RUV (Remoted Underwater Video Surveillance)

What can you do to support our mission?

We are always looking for enthusiastic people who want to live in paradise and make a difference during their holiday.  Help the sharks, marine life and the community of the Gili Islands by giving your time and love.

You don’t need to be a shark expert or a diver to join our projects, however a passion and commitment to shark conservation are important.  We appreciate all the unique skills that you can bring to our project and welcome people from every corner of the globe.

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