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More Support For Our Coral Restoration Project

7 August 2020

In a continued partnership, The International SeaKeepers Society Asia has once again joined hands with our research team and will keep supporting our coral restoration project

In 2019, 60 hex domes with over 600 coral fragments were situated at a selected location North of the Gili Islands, Indonesia. For those not familiar with this area, the Gili Islands are classed as a Marine Protected Area (MPA) called the Gili Matra Marine Park.

Coral restoration project on the Gili Islands in Indonesia
Image by: Kasper Prijs

How We Try To Restore The Reefs

The act of restoration is to bring a damaged ecosystem as near as possible to its original condition, and the aim of our coral restoration project is to assist the recovery of an area that acts as a nursery area for blacktip reef sharks. Historically this site has been impacted by dynamite fishing, coral bleaching, and earthquake activity.

Fortunately, it has been possible to snorkel and visit the coral site frequently to monitor the condition of the hex domes with promising growth of the transplants seen. However, we are now in need of maintenance which can only be performed when diving.

It is also evident that many of the hex domes require to be relocated. This is due to the sediment around the domes impacting the stable condition of the substrate which the corals need to thrive. Much of this build-up has been caused by the recent spells of king tides that the Gili Islands have experienced. Unhealthy algae growth has also been observed on the domes and needs to be gently removed to maintain the health of the transplanted corals.

We are extremely grateful for the continuous support of our friends of The International SeaKeepers Society. Because of their support we are able to keep visiting our coral restoration site till the end of 2020.

Cleaning corals in Indonesia
Image by: Kasper Prijs

Stay Tuned…

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How a small group of people is trying to restore the reefs in Indonesia
Image by: Kasper Prijs