Gili Shark Conservation supports their staff to have a career in marine conservation

Our Brother Katon Became A Dive Instructor!

Gili Shark Conservation supports their staff to have a career in marine conservation

4 March 2020

Our brother Katon has been working for our project for over 2 years. He is guiding all our scientific dives and plays an important role in our clean-ups and community days! Yesterday was a very special day for Katon. Yesterday he made his dream came true and became a PADI Dive Instructor! 

Rose, the co-founder, and director of the project wrote him a very special letter…

Dear Katon

You were crazy enough to think you could become anything. And so you did! Over the last years, you have been on an incredible journey, and you are an inspiration for many of us.

From being one of the boat crew of a dive center to learning how to dive yourself. From getting your Open Water certificate to guiding others underwater. From working as a divemaster to guiding the scientific dives of our research team.

And this week you made another big step… This week you became an instructor. 

You turned your dreams into reality and we couldn’t be more proud of you!

Yes, there were times where you were frightened and confused. But you never gave up.

Be proud you’ve chosen to take the road less traveled. Be proud of your innate desire to want more. Have gratitude for the people that surround you. For the ones who lift you up and hold your hand, for the people who bring light to your journey.

But also find thanks for the ones who don’t. For the doubters, the naysayers and the nonbelievers, they’ve made you a different kind of strong. Resilient, resolute & pliable. You are you because of them, as well.

Never forget, you matter. Your effort, your loyalty, your commitment. Keep shining your special light and inspire others to do the same. We are proud of you for all the steps you’ve taken to improve yourself and your life, big and small. We love you!

With love,
Your Gili Shark Family