Reef Check Method

While being able to conduct rapid species assessments becomes more important as a conservation research tool, we also want to take a closer look at the reef and the fish that inhabit. In our efforts to conserve the coral reefs within the Gili Matra Marine Recreational Reserve we first need to assess the area and understand the current health of coral colonies within each zone.

We have adopted several survey methods to gain an understanding of the health of the environment and recognize areas that need better protection based on coral cover percentage and reef fish populations.

We are super proud and happy to announce that as of May 2019 we officially became partners of Reef Check Malaysia and therefore joined the Reef Check Network, using this internationally trusted method to monitor the reefs around the Gili islands.

Reef Check Method Indonesia

Why Is It Important To Understand the Health Of Coral Colonies?

Coral reefs are a critical habitat for millions of species of marine life, providing spawning and nursery areas for endangered creatures as well as protecting coastlines from erosion and providing a source of income to local economies.

Unfortunately every year these diverse ecosystems undergo extreme stress from local and global pressures causing pollution and global warming to threaten their very existence. The Reef Check method was designed to produce a standardized global technique which can be used by citizen scientists all over the world to monitor coral reefs.

We collect data using this method on behalf of our partners at Reef Check which aids their research on an international scale and also is extremely useful for our own research objectives. The data helps us to identify trends in any changes taking place over time and produce management strategies to improve areas where necessary through education, research, and restoration.  

Marine protection is one of our biggest concerns to secure all underwater species and corals around the Gili Islands.

Why Coral Reefs Are Important

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