Scientists in Florida had a coral breeding breakthrough which could save their ‘Great Barrier Reef’

Scientists in Florida had a coral breeding breakthrough which could save their ‘Great Barrier Reef’

Sharkie News: coral breeding breakthrough  with endangered atlantic coral.

3rd of September 2019

We have some GOOD NEWS for you from the world of coral restoration! For the first time, scientists at the Florida Aquarium have artificially induced reproductive spawning of an endangered Atlantic coral species. This could help turn the tide in the battle to save declining coral reef populations. Scientists tricked the corals to spawn using technology, simulating sunrise, sunset, temperature and moon phases.

They are planning to use the technology to breed new colonies of coral to repopulate the replenished Florida reef system. This is one of the largest coral reefs in the world, which has been most affected by climate change, pollution and disease. The area also has high levels of fertilizer run-off into their waters, which alongside warmer water temperatures, causes algae blooms and reef degradation. 

The Importance Of Coral Restoration Efforts

Coral restoration efforts are becoming increasingly important, as more knowledge is constantly revealed about the coral reefs and the increasing threat of coral bleaching brought along by global warming. Coral reefs have suffered significant impacts over recent years as a result of the impact of human and natural disturbances on their biodiversity and ecosystem functioning. These ecosystems are fragile and sensitive to changes in their environment and are at greater risk of degradation than other marine systems. With a significant decline in the health and fitness of the coral reefs around the world, it is now considered to be a crisis at a global scale.

“The findings could be great news for the outlook of depleted natural coral reefs. “We’ll be able to do this for dozens of species, and it opens up a world of new possibilities.” – Keri O’Neil, senior coral scientist at the Florida Aquarium.

We LOVE hearing epic news like this. Science can be used to do such amazing things. Curious about our coral restoration project around the Gili Islands? You can read all about it here.