An Update about our PlasticFreeParadise Campaign

** Conservation Classes **

We started to give conservation classes on the primary school of Gili Air. Every Saturday at 7.30 AM we make our way to the school and teach 50 children (!) about the wonderful world of conservation. And there is more; together with the children we started Club Harapan and every kid received a membership card. 

Harapan literally means hope for the future. Every time the children attend a conservation class or join one of our other activities they receive a stamp. When they have a full membership card they will receive the PlasticFreeParadise kit which contains a bamboo straw, a reusable bag and a reusable bottle. We cant wait to give the children the tools to say ‘no’ to plastic.


** Plastic Free Paradise Training **

We gave our first PlasticFreeParadise Training to the lovely staff of Villa Saia. Two days later the staff called; they saw that Slow Villa was organizing a beach clean-up and they were wondering if they could join. So rewarding to see that people directly put theory into practice. 

So far we’ve visited 10 businesses and we hope to visit many more. Our #PlasticFreeParadise training is in Bahasa Indonesia & is for FREE for all businesses located on Gili Air. Would you like the Shark Team to visit your business, just send a message to

Plastic-Free-Paradise-Training-Villa Saia

** Refill Stations **

At the end of each month we update our Refill Station Map. Do you have a business on Gili Air and are you offering a refill for free or small fee? If your name is not on the map yet, please send us a message. We are happy to add you to our network of Refill Stations on Gili Air. Did you know there is also an app where you can check where your closest Refill Station is? It shows you all the Refill Stations on Bali and the Gili islands. Download the app here


** Bye Bye plastic Bags **

So far 10 businesses made the pledge with us to reduce plastic or even become completely plastic free. Instead of using small plastic bags for toilet bins and large plastic bags for trash they will switch to bags of Avani. At the moment we are still in the negotiating phase with Avani. As soon as we agreed on a price we will place the first bulk order for the island. Would you like to join us and become part of the solution? Send us a message!