We Are Hiring!

Are you a marine scientist with a big passion for the ocean? Would you like to protect what you love and inspire others to do the same? Would you love to run a conservation project on a small tropical island in the coral triangle? And are you ready for a new challenge in your life? Then we are looking for you!

After being closed for almost 2 years, we are planning to re-open our project in April 2022 and we are looking for a fin-tastic marine scientist to lead our research team on Gili Air.

What Are We Looking For?

  • You are able to start in April 2022.
  • You are highly motivated and determined to bring the project to the next level with your previous experience working in the field.
  • You are a friendly, outgoing person who loves to take initiative and has excellent networking skills.
  • You have minimum 2 years’ experience in a similar position.
  • You are obsessed with corals and coral restoration and coral farming is your passion.
  • You are a confident diver (divemaster or instructor) with experience in diving in currents and managing the planning and logistics of research diving.
  • You are flexible and able to adapt well to change.
  • You have a strong passion for making positive changes through conservation efforts and have creative ideas on how to achieve this. 
  • You have experience with social media and digital marketing and know how to engage with our (digital) community.
  • You love working in a small team and are able to live on a small island (Gili Air – Lombok).

This position is open to Indonesian citizens and foreigners.

Start your career in marine conservation with Gili Shark Conservation in Indonesia

Who are we?

We are an award-winning organization designed around conservation through citizen scientific research in the following areas:

  • Shark conservation (Shark Identification, Baited Remoted Underwater Video’s and Survey Dives)
  • Marine life conservation (Turtle Identification, Dive Against Debris and Fish & Benthic Survey dives)
  • Coral conservation (Coral Restoration, Coral Watch, Coral Health Index, Reef Check)

Our mission is to promote conversation efforts through education and research. Every day our research team goes out on minimum two dives to collect abundance data within the zones of the Gili Matra Marine Recreational Reserve to assess the health of the environment and act to enhance marine protection and health where necessary.

It’s our dream to be an international marine research center that host researchers, scientist, and oceans lovers from all over the world. A place in the heart of our community where we provide education in solving ocean-related issues. A home to people that want to make the world a little bit more beautiful.

Our research methods include; underwater roving video surveillance (RUV), roving survey dives, photographic identification, Coral Health Index, Coral Watch, Reef Check and land & marine based time-lapse projects.  

About Our Programs

We host participants from around the world for a minimum of 2 weeks. On average people are staying between 3-8 weeks to really get involved and give back to the project. The ages of our participants are anywhere from 18-60! But the average is mid-twenties.

During their stay participants learn how to improve their dive skills and become a PADI Scientific Diver and a PADI Shark Conservation Specialist. After one week of training participants are ready to join our team on their research dives. Furthermore, we teach participants how to analyze and input data, how to engage with our (digital) community and a lot more!

What are our goals for 2022?

Goals Coral Conservation in collebaration wit Coral Catch

  • To create an artificial reef of minimum 4000m2 by placing 400 structures.
  • To organize a minimum of five workshops in which we teach the local community about coral reef ecology and marine conservation and what they can do to help us to protect and restore the reefs.
  • To grow 1584 coral fragments in our coral farm trees and 1771 coral fragments on our coral farm tables and use them to restore damaged reefs in the Gili Matra Reserve.
  • To maintain and monitor coral restoration site(s) on a weekly basis and share best practices with (local) government and other coral restoration organizations.

Goals Shark Conservation

  • To help to create the first recognized shark nursery ground in Indonesia in the Gili Matra Marine Reserve by 2025.

Goals Marine Life Conservation

  • To identity and monitor the Green and Hawksbill turtles in the Gili Matra Reserve and create a safe heaven for turtle nests.
  • To create more opportunities for Indonesian women to have a career in marine conservation by offering 20 women a coral restoration scholarship.
  • Collect data from the Gili Matra Reserve using various methods to assess the health of the coral reefs and marine life.
  • Set up a pilot project with Reefy where we place a REBA (Reef Enhancing Breakwater). The goal of the pilot is to protect the shoreline of Gili Air whilst boosting marine biodiversity.

Goals #PlasticFreeParadiseCampaign

Create awareness for the use of single-use-plastic and reduce the amount that’s being used on Gili Air and make it a Plastic Free Paradise for the generations to come. Our specific goals are to

  • Create 75 refill stations
  • Teach 40 conservation classes at the local school
  • Do 50 beach clean-ups & 26 underwater clean-ups
  • Have 20 businesses on Gili Air trained how to reduce the use of single use plastic

What Is The Job All About

Duties of this position include but are not limited to:

Project Development

  • Program and project development of the Gili Shark Conservation Project, with emphasis on the science side (possible publications, links with universities and thesis projects).
  • Cost, plan and write grant proposals, as well as identify new sources of funding
  • Promote the project online on social media and marine science pages.
  • Communicate the latest advances of Gili Shark Conservation and marine science in general to (local) stakeholders and partners
  • Represent the technical side of the project when liaising with relevant authorities, research institutes and international agencies.
  • To liaise, develop and maintain relationships with collaborators.


  • Coordinating the data collection dives and ensuring the methodology is adhered to.
  • Develop and implement the research programs (both existing and new ones).
  • Produce technical reports, scientific papers and project planning
  • Manage research budgets
  • Carry out environmental impact assessments evaluating the likely environmental impacts of a proposed project, including socio-economic, cultural and human-health impacts
  • Supervise all aspects of the survey work and other projects and provide training where necessary to achieve the project objectives.
  • Be a mentor to students that are working on their master thesis.
  • Keep up to date with new research and technologies and attending training courses

Social Media

  • Create, publish, and manage social media content.
  • Stay up to date with the latest social media best practices and technologies
  • Use social media marketing tools such as Buffer, Hootsuite and Canva
  • Communicate with industry professionals and influencers via social media to create a strong network

What Do We Offer?

For the right person, this could be a dream job! Living on a small tropical island based in the coral triangle where you will have the change to further develop your skills and increase your knowledge! We are all working very closely together and have a team/family-like atmosphere. We get up every morning determined to both change the world and have one hell of a good time. Sometimes this makes planning our day difficult.

We want to be the best in what we do and have high expectations of ourselves and each other. We believe that investing in personal development is a never-ending process, that’s why we make for all our staff at the beginning of each year a personal development plan and see how we can empower them to reach their goals. Furthermore we offer you:

  • Scientific Diver Training
  • Training in our research methods (if needed of course ; – )
  • Salary based on experience and education
  • BPJS aka Indonesian health insurance
  • KITA aka work permit for non-Indonesian citizens
  • 2 days off a week
  • A lot of fun!


Interested? Please send your CV and motivation before the of February 2022 to sharks@gilisharkconservation.com. Do you have any questions or would you like to have more information? Don’t hesitate to send us a message. We are always happy to help!