We Are Hiring!

We Are Looking For You!

Are you an Indonesian scientist with a big passion for corals and do you love teaching others about these incredible animals? Do you have experience with project management and would you love to run a conservation project on a small tropical island? Do you love using social media to educate and inspire others about the ocean. Are you an experienced diver and are you ready for a new challenge in your life? Then we are looking for you!

Coral Catch is looking for an awesome local scientist that would like to be the captain of Coral Catch – the first complete female coral restoration in Indonesia.

How Does Coral Catch Work?

We provide a nine-week coral restoration scholarship to Indonesian women who have the dream to work in conservation.

Our scholarship candidates live and work together on Gili Air (Lombok – Nusa Tengarra Barat) and are the first complete local female coral restoration team in Indonesia. We call them Coral Catch Superwomen. Three days a week they go out to grow and plant corals to restore dying reefs and bring life back to the ocean. Furthermore, they monitor our restoration site and collect abundance data to assess the health of the environment.

Back on land, our Coral Catch Superwomen follow masterclasses from pioneering female marine biologists, entrepreneurs, eco-warriors, and dive professionals to further improve their knowledge and skills. And it doesn’t stop there.

Our Coral Catch Superwomen are called Superwomen for a reason; they are multitalented and hard workers. From bending the steel to create new reef structures to welding them together, from making plugs for our coral farm to loading the boat with tanks and equipment. From encouraging the community to join their weekly beach clean-ups to teaching the local children about the gift of conservation. Because they believe that with the right knowledge and tools, this next generation will have a great impact on the future, making better choices regarding diverse lifestyle habits in order to maintain their paradise.

We are looking for a lead scientist for our coral restoration project
Photo by: the talented Florian Allgaeuer

What Is The Job All About?

Duties of this position include but are not limited to:

Coral Restoration & Project Development

  • Be in charge of the day-to-day operations
  • Expanding our coral restoration site by coordinating the building and placing of more hex domes and nurseries.
  • Developing and maintaining relationships with the government, stakeholders, partners, universities, collaborators, and influencers.
  • Ensure that project goals and deadlines are met.

Be a Mentor

  • Support the growth and development of our Coral Catch Superwomen.
  • Teach our Coral Catch Superwomen about the importance of the coral reef, coral restoration ecology, improve their diver skills and train them in various restoration methods.
  • Be a role model for Indonesian women that want to have a career in conservation.

Collect & Analyze Data

  • Coordinating the data collection of Coral Catch and ensuring the methodology is adhered to.
  • To produce technical reports, scientific papers, and project planning documents.
  • Supervise all aspects of the survey work and provide training where necessary to achieve the project objectives.

Be Present On Social Media

  • Keep the world up-to date-about Coral Catch via our social media channels and website.
  • Create, publish, and manage social media content.
  • Stay up to date with the latest social media best practices and technologies.
  • Communicate with industry professionals and influencers via social media to create a strong network.
Photo by: the talented Florian Allgaeuer

What Are We Looking For?

  • You are a friendly, outgoing person who loves to take initiative and has excellent project management skills
  • You are a confident diver with experience in diving in currents and managing the planning and logistics of research diving.
  • You are highly motivated and determined to bring the project to the next level with your previous experience working in the field.
  • You are flexible and able to adapt well to change.
  • You have a strong passion for making positive changes through conservation efforts and have creative ideas on how to achieve this. 
  • You have experience with social media and digital marketing.
  • You are able to live on a small island (Gili Air – Lombok).

What Are We Offering?

  • Scientific Diver Training
  • Coral Health Index Training
  • Reef Check Training
  • Salary based on experience and education
  • BPJS
  • 2 days off a week
  • A lot of fun!


Interested? Please send your CV and motivation before the 27th of May 2022 to sharks@gilisharkconservation.com. We are looking forward to hear from you!