Sharkie News - We found a coral cat shark around the Gili Islands

We Found a Coral Cat Shark!

Sharkie News - We found a coral cat shark around the Gili Islands

2nd of November 2019

Recently, with our lovely friends at
Oceans5 Dive, we found a dead Coral cat shark. While diving around the beautiful Gili Islands, we stumbled across this poor creature. The shark was brought back to land for further inspection, so we could analyze how it ended up in such a state. 

Our Lead Scientist, Andre, had a close look at the little creature. She had a lot of bruising and marks around her body. After further inspection, Andre confirmed that being caught in fishing gear and netting were probable cause. This was a tragic and abrupt way to have the negative impacts of fishing gear and trash in the ocean brought to our attention. Also of the negative impacts of unsustainable fishing.  

A Shocking Discovery….

Upon dissecting the body, we discovered a mermaid’s purse showing that she was pregnant. The most upsetting news of the experience!

These pretty-patterned sharks are found on shallow coral reefs. They live all the way from the Indo-West Pacific from Pakistan to New Guinea. They’re small, reaching up to only 70cm long. And they have long, slender bodies, up to 70cm long. 

Their most distinguishing feature is their beautiful light spots on their brownish-toned body. They aren’t spotted often in the day as they are reclusive and inactive. They come out more often at night time. Then they forage for small, bottom-living invertebrates and bony fishes.

The experience brought it back home that the work we’re doing here is so important. In helping raise awareness of the importance of sharks. And of how to live sustainably. This species is rarely sighted around here, and it’s terribly sad that in this case, it was already dead. 

There are things you can do to help change the world though! Join beach clean-ups, and Dive Against Debris. Help keep our oceans clear of the things that might hurt marine life. Join our project and learn more about shark and marine conservation. There is hope in the world yet!


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