What it's really like to live on a tropical island in Indonesia

What It’s Really Like To Live On A Tropical Island

Join our conservation team and life with us in paradise

Have you ever dreamt of living in Earths equivalent of ‘Paradise’? How it must be to wake up every morning in a place surrounded by crystal clear ocean with only a sandy beach as a boarder.

Imagine a place where traffic doesn’t exist and where flip flops are considered as formal attire. It’s an attractive thought right? Think of a place where the sun kisses your skin in the day and creates a stunning display over the ocean as it sets every night.

Just Take A Moment To Imagine This Life

For many people this is simply a dream but my question is, why not strive to make it your reality? Gili Air is one of the three beautiful Gili islands situated off the North West coast of Lombok, Indonesia.

I personally have been lucky enough to work and travel around a lot of the world, in fact by the age of twenty three I had already explored over thirty countries and visited many beautiful islands along the way; however there was something special about this island, something like no other place I had been before.

The Gili Shark Conservation Project is an award-winning grassroots organization. We're based on the beautiful paradise island of Gili Air, Indonesia.

Love At First Sight

From the moment I set foot on Gili Air I knew I was in an extraordinary place and the longer I stayed the harder the idea of leaving became. After living my entire adult life as a drifter, bouncing from one place to the next without ever imagining a day that I would want to settle in one spot, suddenly without even trying I had found home.

With it’s peaceful atmosphere, friendly community, delicious cuisine, sandy beaches, fields of coconut trees, tropical climate and laid back way of life, Gili Air stole my heart very quickly.

Suddenly I Realized, I’m Exactly Where I Needed To Be

It is not just the island itself that is special but also the magical coral reefs surrounding it. On my first day on Gili Air, I was blessed to meet the founders of the Gili Shark Conservation project who did not just inspire me to get involved in conservation efforts but also convinced me that I was exactly where I needed to be.

As a certified PADI rescue diver it did not take me long to decide that this was the place that I would complete my professional levels of dive training. In the six weeks that followed I had the chance to dive every day with an amazing group of likeminded people while exploring the gorgeous dive sites surrounding the Gili islands. 

Join our research team in paradise

Imagine Your Job Is To Visit The Magical Underwater World. Everyday!

I learnt and practiced valuable skills that did not just allow me to successfully become a Divemaster but also gain a great deal of knowledge and understanding about the environment and how to protect it. In 2017 I became a PADI Instructor after completing the PADI instructor development course with Oceans5 dive resort and I have never looked back since.

Now I spend my days introducing people to the magical underwater world, educating people to become PADI Scientific divers, AWARE shark conservation divers, research assistants, PADI Divemasters and all while living in Paradise. If I could do it, so can you. Make your dreams your reality.

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