You might wonder why you have to pay to participate in our marine protection project. We made sure we got you the best deals on food, diving, accommodation and transport and put this together in a complete holiday package.  So once you arrive in Indonesia all of your major expenses are taken care of and you can enjoy your adventure to the fullest.

Our funding comes from grants and program fees. To offer you a unique experience we developed a program to facilitate, manage and monitor your involvement, which are all essential elements in making your time abroad meaningful and sustainable.

Included in the program price is not only your training to become a research diver, the great experiences you will make and the impact you will have on the ocean but a lot more – read below what’s included in your package as a shark warrior.

join-our-research team-gili-islands-indonesia


The Gili Shark Conservation Package is a complete holiday package. You will receive:
  • PADI AWARE Shark Conservation Distinctive Specialty Course
  • PADI Scientific Diver Distinctive Specialty Course
  • If you stay 3 weeks or more, your PADI Open Water Diver Course or your next level of certification ( PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course or PADI  Rescue Diver Course).
  • Minimum 1 Subwing trip
  • Coral ID book + Indicator Species Guide + Scientific Diver Equipment book
  • Entry ticket for the Gili Matra Marine Park
  • 8 dives a week including rental equipment and guides
  • Shared accommodation in a beautiful secret hidden getaway: Villa Nangka
  • Breakfast during project days (Sunday till Thursday)
  • In-country transportation by our lovely drivers Komang & Bagus
  • Return boat ticket from Bali / Lombok to Gili Air
  • Program T’ shirt
  • Visa Support

The Gili Shark Conservation Package does not include:

  • Rental of Dive Computer (All dive equipment rentals are included in your package except for a dive computer. We highly recommend that you buy your own dive computer as you need to have a dive computer or underwater timing device to take part in our research dives. You also have the option to rent a dive computer from us for 50.000 IDR per day)
  • Refresher Course (If you haven’t been diving for 6 months or longer and you have less than 10 dives, we strongly recommend you to do a Refresher course. The price of a Refresher Course is 900.000 IDR.  Experienced divers who have not been diving in over six months are usually their own best judge if they need a formal course to regain their scuba skills. However, every diver who had not dived in two years should seriously consider the course. You can read more about the PADI Refresher Course here.)
  • Indonesian VISA
  • Your flight ticket
  • In-country spending money
  • Travel and/or dive insurance
PROGRAM FEES *    All prices are in USD **  Prices are subject to change due to both international and local factors
2 weeks 3 Weeks 4 Weeks +per Week
Price $ 2,199 $ 2,949 $ 3,699 $ 750