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Empowering Change: Together, We Shape a Healthy Ocean

Everyone, everywhere can make an impact. Together, we can create a healthy ocean for all. Regardless of who you are, whether an individual, a community, a business, or part of the government, the time for change is now.

We asked the research team of NGO Gili Matra Bersama about the scientific equipment, technical tools and books they need to significantly enhance their efforts in protecting and restoring the precious coral reef environment within the Gili Matra Marine Recreational Reserve.  Below you will find their ultimate wishlist. By contributing to their wishlist, you will play a crucial role in supporting their goal of establishing the first recognized shark nursery in Indonesia by 2025.

  • Underwater pencils
    Underwater pencils

    This one’s pretty self-explanatory. Most of our work and data collection happens underwater, hence underwater pencils! They are a cheap and easy way you can help us conserve paradise here on the Gili Islands.

  • Gloves
  • 100mm Transect Tape
    100mm Transect Tape $15

    Transect tape is needed for our coral health index projects. Every week, we monitor the health of the coral reefs around the Gili Islands in order to create a comprehensive timeline of the growth of the reef and our nurseries over time.

  • MOYU Reusable Stone Paper Notebook
    MOYU Reusable Stone Paper Notebook $20

    Just like our underwater pens, we need underwater paper to jot down our notes while we dive with our ocean critters. Moyu paper is a sustainable alternative to single-use paper made from stone and preserves our data and other important notes for when we get out of the water.

  • Underwater notebook
    Underwater notebook $20

    Part of our coral restoration project is keeping a close eye on our nurseries and cleaning their structures of harmful algae and tunicates. Our team needs gloves to protect the corals as well as our hands during these dives. This is a great and simple way you can contribute to our work here!

  • Marine Conservation Books
    Marine Conservation Books $20

    Another inexpensive and fun way to help realize Gili Shark Conservation’s dream is to send us your favorite marine conservation, ecology, and biology books so that we can add them to our growing research station library. They can be anything from fish ID guides to Cambridge International AS & A Level Marine Science Coursebook or even just your favorite ocean stories!

  • Underwater mesh bag
    Underwater mesh bag

    Mesh bags are essential underwater. We can’t carry everything in our hands!

  • Underwater clean up bag
    Underwater clean up bag

    As part of our long-running #plasticfreeparadise campaign, we clean Gili Air regularly both on land and underwater. Every two weeks we conduct a Dive Against Debris, during which we collect all the rubbish from the seafloor, everything that does not belong to nature we use our underwater clean-up bags to get rid of.

  • Beach clean up mesh bag - 40liter
    Beach clean up mesh bag - 40liter

    Like our underwater clean-up bag, these mesh bags help us to collect as much discarded trash and plastic around that island as we can (and they’re reusable).

  • Liftbag
    Liftbag $20

    Our coral nurseries are made up of large metal structures called hexdomes. Even though the team is strong, we need these liftbags to transport and place our coral nurseries in the areas that need them most.

  • Canon mirrorless camera with wide lense
    Canon mirrorless camera with wide lense $20

    An essential part of our job is capturing our work underwater through pictures! Taking more photos helps us show off the incredible efforts of our staff to the rest of the world.

  • Drone - Mavic 2 Zoom / Autel Evo II
    Drone - Mavic 2 Zoom / Autel Evo II $20

    Drones are always multi-purposeful and very useful in any research setting, especially when working in conservation, We use drones to survey the island’s development each year as well as monitor sea level rise over time. Drones can also be used to assess coral cover around the island.

  • Go Pro Hero 11
    Go Pro Hero 11 $575

    Much of the data we collect and send to local and national governments are in the form of photo IDs of turtles and sharks which we take on our current (dated) Go Pro. A new one would help us to better ID and record our charismatic megafauna!

  • iPad Air 5
    iPad Air 5 $20

    An iPad would be ideal for teaching and spreading awareness of conservation efforts to local communities, our interns, and tourists looking to make a difference on their vacation here. It can also be perfect for creating interactive visuals to better communicate our work.

  • Projector
    Projector $20

    We not only collect data at the bottom of the ocean, but we also bring that data and research to the surface and spread awareness! A projector provides us with a portable way to show children of local schools, interested tourists, and interns the data we collect and better teach ocean conservation.

  • Mini ROV (remotely operated vehicle)
    Mini ROV (remotely operated vehicle) $20

    This mini ROV (Remotely operated vehicle) allows us to collect and record data without human interactions impacting animal behavior, which is essential for all ecology research. Plus, the ROV doesn’t have lungs, so it can stay underwater much longer than we can!

  • Nauticam housing for Canon underwater camera with wide lense
    Nauticam housing for Canon underwater camera with wide lense $20

    Sed quis vehicula ligula. Duis neque nunc, feugiat sed pretium non, iaculis eu arcu. Aenean vel dictum purus. CuraThis camera house allows us to take close-up high-quality pictures of corals and sea creatures for maximum identification accuracy as well as protect our cameras so they may last as long as possible!

  • Nemo Underwater Drill
    Nemo Underwater Drill $20

    You know how if you cut a tree, you can tell how old it is from the inside? Well, it’s the same with corals! We have some giant coral boulders that sit at the bottom of the reef, some of them hundreds of years old. To tell exactly how old they are we need to use a small drill to examine the inside of these coral boulders. Science is amazing!

  • OTS Guardian full face mask
    OTS Guardian full face mask $20

    When researchers conduct experiments on land, they constantly communicate and talk with each other to coordinate studies and techniques, etc. However, underwater, this is obviously next to impossible. This full-face diving mask allows us actually to talk to each other and our interns while diving!