Diving Courses

Learn to dive / improve your dive skills

During your first week on Gili Air, you will complete your PADI AWARE Shark Conservation Distinctive Specialty Course and the PADI Scientific Diver Distinctive Specialty Course.

If you stay for 3 weeks or longer you will also complete your next level of diving certification. If you are currently an PADI Open Water Dive, you will receive your PADI Advance Open Water Diving Course and if you are already a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver, you will complete your PADI Rescue Course as part of your program.

Curious what you will learn during these courses, how long they take and how much time you will spend in the magical underwater world, keep on reading!

PADI Dive Courses

PADI Open Water Dive Course

To become a PADI Open Water diver you need sufficient swimming skills and want to be in suitable physical health. It’s not necessary to have previous knowledge or experience.

The course takes around 3.5 days and focuses on Knowledge Development, so you understand the basic principles of scuba diving, Confined Water Dives to learn basic scuba skills and 4 Open Water Dives to use your skills and explore the magical underwater world diving Gili Islands!

Once you completed your PADI Open Water course you are certified to dive anywhere in the world to a maximum depth of 18 meter. Happy Bubbles!

PADI Advanced Open Water Course

Are you an Open Water Diver and want to improve your skills and expand your knowledge? Sign up for you PADI Advanced Open Water Course. During this 2-3 day course you will do five different adventure dives of your choice.

On each dive, you focus on a different subject, for example: night diving, wreck diving, deep diving, how to navigate underwater, how to make great pictures underwater, how to improve your buoyancy or learn more about fish and corals. There is no exam involved in this course, it’s all about diving and gaining experience!

PADI Rescue Diver & EFR Course

The PADI Rescue Diver Course is the most challenging and rewarding course you can do. You will not only learn how to improve your dive skills, but also how to look after other divers.

During this course you get trained to solve several problems that can appear underwater and on land. What to do when your buddy starts panicking underwater? How can you avoid dehydration or a heat stroke? What are the steps to follow when you find out your buddy went missing?

The PADI Rescue Diver Course prepares you to deal with dive emergencies using a variety of techniques. Through knowledge development and rescue exercises, you learn what to watch out for and how to respond in case of an emergency.

But be careful: for most people the PADI Rescue Diver Course is the first step in their professional diving career.

PADI Dive Specialty Courses

PADI Scientific Diver Distinctive Specialty Course

We are very proud to share that in 2018, we created the PADI Scientific Diver Distinctive Specialty Course, which was approved by PADI. And the best part is, our instructors are the only ones in the world who can teach this course!

The PADI Scientific Diver Distinctive Specialty Course is designed to train and inspire divers of all levels to help protect the environment while collecting data for scientific research. By taking this course, divers can make a difference in preserving marine ecosystems and reducing harm to the environment.

This specialty course contains knowledge development; presentations, workshops, and 4 open water training dives. It helps you to build your confidence in diving, expand your diving skills and gives you an introduction into scientific diving. We will teach you proper buoyancy control techniques combined with training in fish identification and roving survey diving; a research diving data collection methodology.

PADI Scientific Diver Course Specialty

PADI AWARE Shark Conservation Distinctive Specialty Course

We know that shark populations are facing tough challenges these days. But do you know why their numbers are decreasing and, more importantly, what you can do to help? Did you know that divers can help secure a brighter future for sharks?

During this course we focus on the value of sharks to our marine ecosystems and economies, we educate you about the causes of declining shark populations and we will help you to understand what is missing in the current shark fisheries management. This 2-day Project AWARE diver specialty course, includes a workshop discussing current topics in global shark conservation and a dive at Shark Point and Manta Point.

PADI Nitrox Course

Diving with enriched air nitrox (EANx) has plenty of benefits. One of the biggest reasons we love  EANx is because it can extend our bottom time so we have more time to explore and collect more scientific data.

By using nitrox, you’ll absorb less nitrogen during your dive compared with regular air. The biggest benefit is you’ll have extended no-stop times for a given depth and shorter surface intervals between dives. Assuming your gas consumption isn’t a limiting factor, it basically means you’ll get to spend more time underwater!

The PADI Enriched Air Diver course teaches you how our body reacts to breathing varying oxygen levels at different depths, techniques for getting more dive time, EANx scuba diving equipment considerations, EANx considerations including managing oxygen exposure, how to analyse your EANx tank and how to set your dive computer.

The PADI Enriched Air (Nitrox) Diver specialty course will teach you everything you need to know – in as little as one day!