Our Daily Life

The ocean as your office

Have you ever dreamt of living on a tropical island? Wondered how it must be to wake up every morning in a place surrounded by crystal clear ocean and white sandy beaches? Are you curious about what a day with a research team on the Gili Islands looks like? Keep on reading and find out! 

We call the ocean our office for a reason, as we spend on average 8 hours per week underwater. The Gili islands in Indonesia are famous for the amazing underwater world and lots of turtles! Divers from all over the world come to experience the warm and clear idyllic waters, as well as the diversity of marine life. 

As a member of Gili Shark Conservation, you will work closely with the research team of NGO Gili Matra Bersama. The group is an international mix of marine biologists, dive instructors, scholarship candidates, ocean lovers and shark warriors from all different ages and backgrounds. You will be a critical member of the team and may be in charge of various data collection projects depending on your interests, goals, and length of stay.

A typical day with the team

Join the team

Would you like to join our research team in paradise and start calling the ocean your office? Click below to apply for our research assistant program or divemaster conservation program and take a dive into a world of endless possibilities!