September Special - Shark Research Month

Dive into Adventure with Our
Shark Research Program

Join us for an extraordinary 4-week shark research program, where adventure meets conservation. As we enter the final stage of our groundbreaking project, ‘Tracking Shark Populations and Establishing a Shark Nursery in the Gili Matra Marine Reserve,’ we invite you to be part of this unique journey. This program offers an immersive experience in shark conservation and research, providing hands-on opportunities to contribute to meaningful conservation efforts.

Program Dates and Details

Starting Date: 22nd of Septmeber 2024
Ending Date: 18th of October 2024
Price: $3899 USD (includes all courses, dives, and materials)
Limited Spots: Only 10 available, so act fast!


Certified Open Water Diver with minimum 15 dives
Passion for sharks
Background in marine science is a plus
Able to speak and understand English
Fit to cope with tasks on land, in the tropical heat and the lifting of dive tanks

What to Expect

Embark on a journey that blends adventure, education, and conservation. During your stay with us, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Enhance Your Diving Skills: Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced diver, you’ll improve your skills and earn your PADI scientific diver certification.
  • Specialize in Shark Conservation: Get certified as a Conservation Diver Shark Specialist and learn advanced research methods from our expert team.
  • Engage in Hands-On Research: Conduct shark population surveys and habitat assessments, and join our research team in collecting data using methods such as BRUV, laser photogrammetry, Photo ID, and roving survey dives.”
  • Contribute to Data Collection and Analysis: Play a crucial role in collecting and analyzing data, helping us understand shark behavior and distribution.
  • Experience Field Work: Join a field trip to Project HIU in Lombok, founded by the renowned shark conservationist Madison Stewart, and gain hands-on experience in active conservation efforts.
  • Learn from the Experts: Attend four masterclasses led by leading shark experts, providing you with valuable insights and knowledge.
  • Promote Conservation: Participate in community outreach and educational activities to raise awareness about shark conservation.

By immersing yourself in our conservation project, you’ll not only make a tangible impact on shark conservation but also experience personal growth. You’ll meet passionate individuals from diverse backgrounds, forge meaningful connections, and become part of a supportive community. This program is ideal for shark enthusiasts eager to make a difference while enjoying a month-long adventure with marine biologists, instructors, entrepreneurs, and content creators.

Join us for an unforgettable experience and help shape the future of shark conservation.

Our Goals and Research Questions

We conduct systematic monitoring and population assessments of shark species within the Gili Matra Marine Reserve, aiming to identify and designate the area as the first recognized shark nursery in Indonesia by 2026.

Understanding our research goals and questions is crucial for our project’s success. Clear questions guide our investigations, uncovering key patterns and relationships. This approach is vital for conserving shark populations in the Gili Matra Marine Reserve. Here are our goals and the research questions driving our work.

Shark Locations and Influences:

  • Which dive sites are juvenile white tip reef sharks located?
  • Which dive sites are adult white tip reef sharks located?
  • How is this linked to ecosystem health, marine regulations, human disturbance, and time of year?
  • How do ocean currents influence the distribution and behaviour of white tip reef sharks in the Gili Matra Marine Park

Population Dynamics:

  • What are the population dynamics of the sharks (gender, size, and health) in the Gili Matra Marine Park?

Human Impact:

  • What is the impact of human disturbance on the white tip population at shark point?

Habitat Changes:

  • How has the shark habitat changed topographically over time? (3D Map Shark House)
  • Does this impact juvenile white tip reef sharks?

Resighting Patterns:

  • Where are we resighting sharks, and where are we finding new individuals?
  • Are resighted sharks found in the same dive sites, or do they travel between sites?

Shark Diet

  • How does the diet of the white tip reef shark align with the available marine life in the Gili Matra Marine Park, and what implications does this have for their habitat sustainability?

Our Shark Research Methods

  • BRUV (Baited Remote Underwater Video): Capture footage of shark presence and behavior in their natural habitat.
  • Laser Photogrammetry: Accurately measure shark sizes and map their habitats with precision.
  • Photo ID: Identify individual sharks based on unique markings and patterns, aiding in tracking movements and resighting patterns.
  • Roving Survey Dives: Conduct visual surveys of shark populations and their interactions with the environment.

Additionally, we will focus on creating a detailed map pinpointing the exact locations of juvenile white tip reef sharks at the Gili Matra Marine Reserve.  We will also analyze how ocean currents influence the distribution and behavior of these juvenile sharks. This step will enhance our understanding of the spatial distribution of juvenile sharks and the environmental factors affecting them, contributing to targeted conservation efforts and habitat protection measures.

September Shark special

CertificationsResearch & DivingLivingExtras
PADI Scientific Diver Course8 shark research dives a weekIn country transportResearch t-shirt, rashguard & tote bag
PADI Deep Adventure Dive35 project hours per weekShared accommodation @ HQ10% discount on SPA treatments
Conservation Diver ‘Shark Ecology & Population Studies Course’4 Masterclasses on Sharks: Gain knowledge from experts in the fieldBreakfast on project days 
 Field Trip to Project HIU: See conservation efforts in actionFree use of our kitchen @ HQ 
 Build your own BRUV  
 Entry to the marine park  
Price for 4 weeks$ 3,899 USD
CertificationsPADI Scientific Diver CoursePADI Deep Adventure DiveConservation Diver ‘Shark Ecology & Population Studies Course’
Research & Diving8 shark research dives a week35 project hours per week4 Masterclasses on Sharks: Gain knowledge from experts in the fieldField Trip to Project HIU: See conservation efforts in actionBuild your own BRUVEntry to the marine park
LivingIn country transportShared accommodation @ HQBreakfast on project daysFree use of our kitchen @ HQ
ExtrasResearch t-shirt, rashguard & tote bag10% discount on SPA treatments
Price for 4 weeks: $ 3,899 USD

What’s not included

Indonesian VISA
Your flight ticket
Spending money
Travel & dive insurance
Rental of Dive Computer 1
Refresher Course 2

1 All dive equipment rentals are included in your package except for a dive computer.  We highly recommend that you buy your own dive computer as you need to have a dive computer or underwater timing device to take part in our research dives.  You also have the option to rent a dive computer from us for 50.000 IDR per day.

2 If you haven’t been diving for 6 months or longer, we strongly recommend you to do a Refresher course.  The price of a Refresher Course is 900.000 IDR.  Experienced divers who have not been diving in over six months are usually their own best judge if they need a formal course to regain their scuba skills.  However, every diver who had not dived in two years should seriously consider the course. You can read more about the PADI Refresher Course here.

Understanding your Program Fees

You might wonder why you have to pay to participate in our conservation project. Let us explain…

We are only a small organization and are not in a position to cover all the costs involved in your stay. Your program fees are covering a large number of factors, such as food, tanks, rental of scuba gear, accommodation, courses, visa support and transport.

Your hard work and passion are valuable, but unfortunately, motivation alone doesn’t keep our projects alive. As a participant, your fees have just as great an impact as your actions. By contributing to our project, you are helping to support our mission, and ensure that our programs are efficient and beneficial in the long run. You are also investing in your own training and development, so you can continue making changes in the world long after you’ve finished our program.

Where your fees go

Based on our 3 week black tip reef package. For longer stays percentages regarding diving and courses might slight change.


During your program you will be staying at our HQ on Gili Air. We’ve put a lot of hard work and love in creating a place for you that feels like a home away from home. Click here to read more about our HQ and facilities. 

Join and become a shark specialist

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of something extraordinary. Sign up now and become a crucial member of our shark conservation family. Help us protect these magnificent creatures and their habitats while living in paradise.

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